60+ Engagement Wishes For Brother

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Engagement Is A Really Special Day In A Person’s Life. It’s A Day When Someone Starts A New Journey Of Their Life With Their Partner. Shower The New Couple With Greatest Wishes To Make Them Happy.

If Your Brother Is Getting Engaged, Here We Have A Huge Collection Of 60+ Engagement Wishes For Brother That Will Surely Put A Smile On Anyone Who Reads Them And Tell Them How Happy You’re.

If You’re Unsure What To Write, These Engagement Wishes Will Help You Express Your Greatest Wishes.

60+ Engagement Wishes For Brother

1. I’m So Happy To Know About Your Engagement Brother . I Wish You All The Happiness On This Planet As You Start Planning Your Life Together. Congratulations!

2. Congratulations !! You’ve All The Time Been So Good For Each Other. May Your Love For Each Other Grow Ever Stronger… Endlessly.

3. I Remember Introducing You To Each Other, And Just Like That, I Knew It Was A Match Made In Heaven! Congratulations On The Engagement! You Two Were Actually Meant For Each Other.

4. Destiny Has It That You Both Really Belong To Each Other. Congratulations! Another Fantastic Journey Begins For You As A Pair.

5. May Your Love For Each Other Grow Every Day And May God Bless You With Compassion And Understanding. Congratulations On Your Engagement.

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5. I Wish You Both All The Very Best In Your Relationship. May You Be Full Of Undying Love And Compassion For Each Other. Congratulations On Your Engagement.

6. Cupid Was Certainly Doing His Job Right For Letting You Meet Each Other The Best Way You Did. I Know How It Feels To Search Out The Best One. Congratulations On Your Engagement.

7. Now That You’ve Taken Your Relationship To The Next Level, There’ll Always Be More Challenges Ahead. Congratulations! Stay Strong And May Your Lives Be Full Of Love For One Another.

8. Relationships Aren’t Perfect, But You Two Could Make It Perfect With The Best Ingredients Of Love, Respect And Belief For Each Other. Congratulations!

9. I Wish You Both Strength And Much Love For Your Future Journey Together As Loving Couples. A Heart Felt Congratulations On Your Engagement!

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Congratulatory Engagement Wishes For Brother

10. I Wish You The Very Best Of Every Little Thing As You Embark In This New Journey As A Pair. The Road Ahead Won’t Be As Smooth As Silk, But With The Best Person By Your Side, You’ll Get Through Any Challenge. Congratulations To Both Of You!

11. As You Embark In This New Stage In Your Life, Things Won’t Be The Same. They’ll Get Better As You Nourish Your Love For Each Other. Congratulations On Your Engagement.

12. An Incredible Occasion Is Coming Soon! I Wish You Pleasure For Every Day. A Beautiful Ring On Your Finger Says It All, Soon It Will Be Your Wedding Day! Congratulations On Your Engagement!

13. So It’s True After All, That You Were Meant To Be. The Love You Share, So Real, I Agree ! And When I Heard About The News I’m So Filled With Glee! Congratulations !!!

14. No Words Can Ever Express How Truly Delighted I’m To Learn About Your Engagement. You’re Both Fortunate To Have Each Other. Congratulations!!

15. To Probably The Most Great Couple I’ve Ever Met, I Wish You Love And Happiness That Will Last For A Lifetime. Congratulations On Your Engagement!

16. Oh My God, You’re Engaged! I’m So Joyful For You. Let’s Buy Groceries And Tell Me About The Ring And The Steamy Stories Over Coffee Later. Congratulations!

17. I’m So Happy That You’ve Found Each Other. A Love That Will Last For A Lifetime Is Worth More Than Any Treasure On This Planet. Congratulations On Your Engagement!

18. What Pleasure It’s To Know Two People Who I Dearly Love Are Actually Engaged. I Knew From The Beginning That You Were Meant To Be For Each Other. Congratulations On Your Engagement!

Funny Engagement Wishes For Brother

19. I’m Glad To Know You’re Engaged And At Last Found The Woman Of Your Desires, To Have And To Hold, To Cherish For A Lifetime. Congratulations On Your Engagement.

20. I’m Happy To Hear The News Of Your Engagement. Your Love Has Won Against All Odds. Congratulations As You’re Taking This Huge Step! I Wish You All The Very Best As You’re Taking This Lifelong Journey Of Love Together.

21. We’re Delighted For Both Of You! Greatest Wishes On Your Engagement! You Make A Gorgeous Couple. This Is Only A Starting Of Your Thrilling Journey Of Love. (Engagement Wishes For Brother)

22. Friendship Is Over And Now You’re Certified Lovers. The 2 Of You Is Such A Beautiful Pair. Congratulations On Your Engagement! It Is A Excellent News For Everyone.

23. In The Near Future You’ll Be Husband And Wife. Along With Our Friends, We’re Celebrating With Both Of You. We’re Completely Happy And May Love Grows Within The Both Of You.

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24. All The Very Best To Your Engagement. Soon We Will Be Listening To Wedding Bells. Congratulations And We Will Support Both Of You.

25. We Just Heard The Good News! We Really Feel So Delighted With Your Choice. Just Enjoy Each Other’s Company As Engaged Couple. All The Very Best!

26. Finally, Both Of You’ve Come Up To Now Of Your Lives. We Want To Say Congratulations To The Both Of You. Greatest Wishes To The Brand New Chapter Of Your Lives.

27. Your Engagement Is Such A Terrific News. Finding Your Perfect Partner Is A Blessing. Congratulations On Finding Each Other. Stay In Love Forever.

28. May You Enjoy Each Other’s Company. Spread Love To 1 Another. Congratulations On Your Engagement.

29. Congratulations On Settling Down. I Just Want You To Know That As Your Buddy, I’m Happy With Your Choice And I’ll Support You All The Best Way Until Your Wedding Day. May Your Relationship Last Without The End.

30. Greatest Wishes To The Future Husband And Wife! The Announcement Of Your Engagement Is Undoubtedly A Excellent News To Everyone. Continue To Love Each Other.

31. Congratulations On Your Engagement. We’re All Excited To See You Share Love And Vows Together. We Wish You All The Very Best As You Set Forth To Plan Your Lives Together With Each Other. May Your Relationship Be Always Happy.

32. It’s Official Now. I’m So Happy With You, Brother. Your Happiness Is My Priority, All The Time Has Been And Always I’m Beyond Happy To Know That You Just’ve Finally Found Someone You Want To Spend The Entire Life With. Congratulations On Your Engagement!

33. I Can’t Believe That You Just Got Engaged Before I Did! What Terrible News. Just Kidding, I Envy You Just A Little Bit, But I Still Am Very Happy And Proud. Congratulations, Brother !!

34. Marriage? It’s A Really Daring Choice. These Days It’s Very Hard To Take Care Of A Healthy Relationships And Keep The Love Alive, But I Just Believe In You Two With All My Heart. It Will Be Hard, But You’ll Be Just Superb. Congratulations!

35. An Important Choice Of Your Life Has Been Made, And You Probably Did A Perfect May The Love That You Both Really Feel Inside Grow Stronger With Every Day. Now Can I Please Begin Planning Your Wedding?

Engagement Messages For Brother

36. Marriage Is Such An Important And Responsible I’m So Happy With You For Making Such An Important Decision. Wishing You A Lifetime Of Happiness And Love. God Knows You Deserved It.

37. Congratulations On Your Engagement! It’s Simply A Starting Of An Incredible Journey Full Of Love And Tenderness, And I’m Sure You’ll Enjoy I Couldn’t Be Happier For You, Brother. God Bless Both Of You.

38. The Love That You’ve Is Difficult To Find. I’m So Happy To Hear That You’re Finally Engaged, I Think It’s One Of The Best Decision You’ve Ever Made. Wishing You The Very Best Of Luck And Lots Of Patience. (Engagement Wishes For Brother)

39. When I See How You Look At The One You Love, I Feel So Extremely Happy For You. Congratulations On Your Engagement! Can’t Wait To Dance On Your Wedding. It Is Going To Be A Lot Fun.

40. I Promise To Be The Very Best Aunt In The Entire World! I Don’t Care That It’s Too Early To Talk About That. Wish You A Lifetime Of Love And Understanding, Compassion And Patience. You’re A Match Made In Heaven. Congratulations On Your

41. Oh My God! I Can’t Believe You’re Really Getting Married. I Thought You’ll Always Be My Little Brother Running Around The Home With No Pants. Anyway, I Feel Extremely Happy For You, Mate. You’re Gonna Make Someone The Happiest Person

42. I’m So Happy For You, Brother! It’s A Huge Step, But I Do Know You’re Doing Every Little Thing Right. I Hope That Marriage Will Bring Only The Great, And Your Love For Each Other Will Get Stronger Every Congratulations!

Funny Engagement Wishes For Younger Brother

43. Oh No, Now I’m Gonna Be The Lonely One In Our Family! Just Kidding, I’m Happy For You, Brother. Can’t Wait To See You In Your Fancy Suit Crying While Putting A Ring On Her Finger. Congratulations!

44. Mother’s Gonna Freak Out. Dad Will In All Probability Pass So Happy For You Two! Can’t Wait To See Your Lovely Kids. I’ll Be The Very Best Aunt Ever! Congratulations On Your Engagement!

45. Oh My God, Did Someone Really Agree To Be Your Wife? Just Kidding, Brother. You’re A Can’t Wait To See The Marriage Open Bar. Congratulations On Your Engagement!

46. The Biggest Greetings For You, My Brother. It’s Very Good To Hear That You Just Proposed To Your Girlfriend. I Believe That You’ll Be Very Happy In Your Married Life. Now It’s Time To Begin Preparation For The Wedding Day! (Engagement Wishes For Brother)

47. Engagement It Is A Crucial Decision, Which Will Change Your Life. I Believe That You Just Made A Superb One And I’ll See You Cheerful For Entire Congratulations With Engagement, My Lovely Brother.

48. My Little Brother, You Got Engaged! I’m Very Happy For You And Your Girl. You Both Will Be A Perfect Family. Hug You!

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49. OMG! You Proposed To Your Girlfriend! I’m So Excited! I Hope That I’ll Be The First Who Will Know About Your Wedding I’ve To Prepare Correctly!

50. You’rein The Seventh Heaven Now. You’re Flying So High And So Carelessly That It Seems Nothing Would Disturb Your Happiness. I Wish That It Will Really Be This Way. Always. Congratulation On Your Engagement To You And Your Fantastic Bride!

51. The Love Between Two People Is Sort Of A Deep And Wide Lake Of Opportunities And Discoveries. Every Little Thing You Should Do Is To Get Rid Of All Of Your Fears, Trust Each Other And Dive In This Lake As Deep As It’s Possible. Wish You An Incredible Wedding Very Soon!

52. Are You Ready For A Long Preparation Time For Your Wedding? If You Need Any Help, That You An Always Count On Me. The Warmest Greetings On Your Engagement!

53. If You Ever Cry, Then I Wish It Will Be Happy If You’re Unhappy, Then May This Disappointment Fade Just The Moment You Hear Her Voice. And If You’re Angry, Then May This Anger Disappear The Moment You See Her Angel Face. Congratulations On Your Engagement, Brother!

54. We Should Agree That Nobody Is Flawless. But When You Actually Love Someone Wholeheartedly, Then All Flaws Turn Into Special Features That You Love Probably The Most In Her Persona. Congratulations On Your Engagement, Brother!

55. Sometimes Love Can Be Shiny And Heating Like The Sun. Sometimes It Can Be Pale And Chilly Just Like Love Has Many Various Faces But It’s Still What It Is. You Got Engaged And From This Moment You’ll Face Many Obstacles, But As Long As You Love Each Other, You Are Able To Overcome Them. Congratulations On Your Engagement!

56. The Next Step After Engagement Is Wedding, And I Do Know You Can Not Wait For It! Marriage Isn’t Simple Science, It Should Keep Reasonable Stability Between Mind And Feelings. I Hope You’ll Follow This Easy Rule And Make The Most Of Your Loved Ones Congratulations On Your Engagement, Brother!

57. Do You Know What’s An Important Thing In People’s Relations? Some People Think It’s Love. The Others Think It’s Belief. Somebody Else Thinks It’s Respect. But I’d Say That An Important Thing Between Two Loving Hearts Is The Complete Consent Upon What They Consider The Most Important Thing. Congratulations On Your Engagement, Brother!

Engagement Messages For Brother

58. You’re A Beautiful Couple And I’m So Happy That My Brother Has Found Someone He Wants To Begin A Family Now You’re Engaged And Invisible Bonds Tie Your Hearts Together. I Wish That You Just Two Will All The Time Be Sorted By Angel Of Love Who Won’t Let Something Bad Occur To You! Congratulations On Your Engagement!

59. Now You’re Engaged With A Beautiful Girl. You’ve Taken A Really Massive Brother, On This Memorable Day, I’d Like To Wish You To Keep Balance In Every Little Thing You Do In Your Relationships. Be Patient And Respectful To Each Other. Congratulations On Your Engagement!


60. Love Is Like Fire — It Begins Instantly And Makes Your Heart Sometimes Love Is Like Strong Ground — It’s Steady And Reliable. Sometimes Love Is Like Water — It Flows Further And Further And No One Knows Where It Ends. Sometimes Love Is Like Wind — Invisible But Still Thrilling. It’s All Love And It’s Very Multifaceted. Wish You And Your Loved One Bride To Comprehend The Nature Of Love As It Is. Congratulations On Your Engagement!

61. There Are Lots Of Things That Give Us Light — The Sun, The Moon, Stars, Lighthouse… But There’s One Thing That Gives Such A Powerful Light That Can’t Be Compared To Anything It’s Her Love. She Is The Sunshine Of Your Life, Your Sun, Your Moon, Your Guiding Star And The Lighthouse That Will All The Time Light Up Your Way. Congratulations In Your Engagement!

62. She Said “YES” And It Was The Very Best Reward For All Your Truly, Engagement And Family Life Together Will Bring You Both Many Nice Rewards But, As Is Normally The Case, At First You Must Make An Effort. Congratulations On Your Engagement, Brother!

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