60+ Best New Born Baby Wishes

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9 min readDec 10, 2020


Having The Newborn Is Essentially The Most Precious Thing That Can Occur To A Family. The Bundle Of Pleasure Arrives With A Baby Never Decrease But Grows With Time. If You Think Your Flowers, Balloons, Or Any Gifts Falling Short To Express What You Want To Tell The Newborn And The Lucky Mother And Father Then.

Here We Have A Huge Collection Of 60+ Best New Born Baby Wishes That Will Surely Put A Smile On Anyone Who Reads Them.

60+ Best New Born Baby Wishes

1. To The New Child “Welcome” And To The Mom And Dad “Congratulations”! Wishing You All A Lifetime Of Love, Health, Laughter, And Happiness Together.

2. May Your Precious New Child Baby Brings Happiness To The World And Special Pleasure To You! So Blissful For You Two! Congratulations For New Born Baby!

3. A Father So Good-Looking, A Mother So Pretty — No Wonder Your New Born Is Such A Sweetie. Freaking Out Over Here. Congratulations !!

4. There’s Nothing Sweeter In This World Than The Scent Of Your New Born Baby’s Breath, The Joyful Cooing Sounds And The Scent Of Baby Pores And Skin. Congratulations On Your New Bundle Of Pleasure.

5. Wishing You And Your New Born Many Years Of Excellent Health, Love, And Happiness.

6. Congratulations And A Really Warm Welcome To Your New Born. May His/Her Life Be Blessed With Good Health, Love, And Laughter.

7. Congratulations To The New Born Muffins For A Safe Landing On This Earth. Joyful Cuddling Days Are Ahead For You And Your Dad And Mom. Greatest Wishes For New Born Baby.

8. You All Are Mom Nature’s Good Brew, Tell Your New Baby On My Behalf That There Can’t Be A Family Cuter Than You. Congratulations.

9. This Treasured Angel Is Meant For You And You’re Meant For Him/Her. Greatest Wishes To Your Lovely Family.

10. Just A Little One Has Joined You Both, How Blissful You Must Be… It Was Great When There Were Two Of You, But Even Better Now There’s Three!

11. Congratulations! Now’s The Time To Enjoy Your Baby’s Little Feet And Baby Scent. It Won’t Be There Endlessly, And You Must Take As Many Photos As Possible. You’ll Want To Miss A Single Precious Moment!

Cute New Born Baby Wishes

12. “Congrats On Becoming Now Your Days Will Be Full Of Pleasure And Laughter. Take Pleasure In This New Phase Of Life.”

13. May Your Baby’s Cute Smile And Laughs, Be A Spike Of Happiness In Your Life’s Graph. So Blissful For You Two! That’s Going To Be One Lucky Baby. Congratulations.

Babies Are Wonders, Babies Are Enjoyable, Congratulations On Your New Little One! Love Just Got Real. So Very Excited For You.

15. Greatest Wishes For The Brand New Baby And The Dad And Mom. You Guys Will Bless Each Other In Ways None Of Us May Even Imagine.

16. Congratulations! God Bless You Two With A Gorgeous Baby And Now We Can Not Wait To See How He Bless You With Little Moments With This Tiny One.

17. Happy Snuggling Days Of Yours Are Lastly Right Here. Put A ‘Baby On Board’ Sticker On Your Car And Rock On With The Brand New Congratulations!

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18. I Hope You’re Ready For All Of The Diaper Changing, Huge Noises And Sleepless Nights. He/She Will Make Your Life Busy But Also Filled With Congrats To The Lucky Dad And Mom.

19.Congratulations On Having A Gorgeous Healthy Baby. You Dream T Of Getting A Family And Today You’re Lucky To Live That Moment. (New Born Baby Wishes)

20. For All The Enjoyment And Smiles They Bring, A New Baby Is Worth Every Little Thing. Congratulations On Your New Arrival! Can’t Wait To See That Candy Little Smile.

23. I Just Got News Of An Angel. Prepare For Laughter, Huge Noise And Many Hugs! Welcome To The World, Baby! So Thrilled That You’re Here!

24. Not All Treasure Is Silver And Gold… Congratulations On Your ‘Personal New Treasure’ And Little Darling! What A Lucky Baby!

New Born Baby Wishes For Girl

25. Congratulations To Proud New Dad And Mom! May These Tiny Ft Will Tiptoe With Love Into Your Hearts And Stay There Endlessly! My Greatest Wishes For New Born Baby Mom And Dad.

26. Greatest Wishes On Your Dearest New Arrival. We Hope You’re All Doing Nicely. Take Pleasure In Every Moment With Your Treasured Baby!

27. Congratulations On The Protected Arrival Of Your Newest Family Member!! May Babyhood Be Full Of A Lot Of Joy And Make For Many Great Memories. All The Very Best!

28. Nobody Can Imagine Life Having Their Very Ownkids. But When They’re Born Nobody Can Think About Life With Out Wishing Your New Born Good Health And Happiness!

29. Simply To Say “Hello” To The New Member Of The Family! He (She) Couldn’t Have Happened To Nicer Mother And Father! You Two Are Going To Make Such Wonderful Mother And Father.

30. So Many Dreams, So Many Wishes. So Many Hopes, So Many Questions. Such Blissful Emotions, Such A Small Human Being. Welcome To Life, Little Prince.

31. Let The God Shower All His Power Upon The Little Baby Boy So That He Could Make All His Near And Dear Ones Really Feel Proud Of Congratulations On The Birth Of Your Son!

32. I Don’t Know Who’s More Either You’re For Having A New Little Baby Boy, Or Your Baby Is For Having You As Mother And Father. Congratulations To Everyone! (New Born Baby Wishes)

33. Congrats For Your New Baby Boy! May Your Son Fills Your Life With Pleasure And Love! We Can’t Wait To See The Numerous Ways God Blesses You With This Baby.

Wishes For New Born Baby

34. Congratulations For The New Baby We Wish Him Health, Honor, Success And A Protected Long Life.

35. Welcome To The Family New Hero. May You’ve A Cheerful And Healthy Long Life And Make Huge Noises To Annoy Your Mother And Father Like Nothing Else. Greatest Wishes.

36. We’re Actually Excited That Your New Baby Boy Has Arrived Safe And Sound! May Your New Role As Proud Mother And Father Be Full Of Much Pleasure And Happiness.

37.. 9 Months Have Whizzed By, And Today, You Welcome A Prince Into Your Life And House. I Share In Your Pleasure And Wish You And Your Loved Ones Joy And Happiness As You Celebrate This Glorious Addition To Your Family.

38. Your Life Will Now Be Filled With Cheers Because From Two You’ll Now Become The Three Musketeers. Congratulations On Turning Into Mother And Father To A Baby

39. We Join You Welcoming Your New Baby Girl. Your Life Is Just Perfect And More Successful Congratulations On Being The Mother And Father Of A Gorgeous Princess.

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40. Welcome To The World Prettiness! Thanks For Extending This Family And Making It Lovely. We’re Desperate To See You Growing Fast.

41. Congratulations On Your New Baby Girl! This Is Such A Beautiful Time For Your Loved Ones And We Hope That Babyhood Is Stuffed With A Lot Of Fun, Love, And Cuddles.

42. A Beautiful New Princess Has Simply Joined The Family! What A Gorgeous Moment To Be Part Of! Congratulations And Wishing You All The Very Best On Your Safe New Arrival.

43. Your Pair Has Always Been Excellent But With The Birth Of Your New Born Baby Girl, Your Loved Ones Has Now Turn Into Picture Perfect. Congratulations.

New Born Baby Wishes To Father

44. Childbirth Is Simple, The Toughest Is Raising A Girl Baby In This World, Fighting For Her Rights And Giving Her Safety. But We All Know You Can Do All Of These. Congrats On Having A Gorgeous

45. It Takes Two To Make A Baby. But We’ll All The Time Be There To Look At Your Back. Welcome To The World Lovely You’re Very Precious To Us.

46. My Warm Wishes To Your Little Baby Girl. Prepare For Many Laughter And Noise, Massive Hugs And So Many Joys. Congratulations And All The Very Best!

47. Congratulations On The Safe And Happy Arrival Of Your New Baby Girl. As New Mother And Father May Your Hearts Be Full Love And Pleasure Raising This Little Angel. We’re Excited To Look At Her Transform Into The Wonderful Lady That She Is Sure To Be!

48. I’m So Happy For Your New Angel Because She/He Gets You As A Father Who Can Go To Any Limit For His/Her Happiness. Congratulations !!

49. We’re So Glad That Your Spouse Had A Protected Delivery And Also You Two Are Blessed With A Healthy Baby. Congratulations Lucky Dad And Mom.

50. You Blink, And The Moment Will Probably Be Here When Your Babies Can Do Every Little Thing But For Now, We Know They’re In Good Hands. Congratulations! Enjoy The Parenthood.

51. Just To Let You Know That The Main Member Of Your Loved Ones Has Arrived, And You’re Not The Boss Of Your Family! Congratulations! I Do Know You’ll Enjoy This New Employment To The Fullest.

52. Cherish The Moment With Your New Angel Because You’ll Never Know The Way They Grow Up Really Fast. Congrats!!

53. We Wish The Man Of The Home Lots Of Patience, Warmth, And Happiness With The New Born Star Of The Family. Congratulations To A Wonderful Father!

54. We’re So Happy To Know That You’ve A Gorgeous Baby He/She Is The Luckiest To Get You As A Dad Because We All Know How Caring And Humble You’re. May The Newborn Get All Your Good Values. Greatest Wishes For New Baby Child!

55. I Can Not Imagine You Are A Mom Congratulations Honey! Enjoy Your Motherhood.

56. The Arrival Of Little Miracle Not Only Helps You To Grow Your Loved Ones But Helps You To Grow Inside And I Can See That. Congratulations! Slay The Motherhood!

57. Motherhood Is A Giant Responsibility And I Have No Idea Anyone Responsible Than You In My Whole Congrats On Your Baby. Your Baby Is Very Lucky!

58. You Had A Safe Delivery And Your Baby Is Healthy. Nothing Matters To Us Most. Congratulations Dear Strong Mother. You’re The Greatest.

59. Take My Heartiest Wishes On The Perfect Day Of Your Life. You Too Born As A Mom On Today So Have An Awesome Life With Your Baby. Congratulations On Your New Baby!

60. The Struggle Of Sleepless Nights, Milk Spilling, Breastfeeding Begins With The Arrival Of Your New Baby, But I Do Know You’re A Strong Woman And Can Handle Anything. Congratulations Pretty Mother.

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61. I Congratulate You On Going Past Morning Illness And Being Pregnant Food Wishing You Good Luck.

62. Your New Born Baby Boy (Girl) Is A Perfect Little Bundle, From His (Her) Head Right Down To Her Feet. I’m Sure That You’ll Be The Perfect Mother And Father On This Planet! Blessings For New Born Child.

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